Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through your own pain. Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Whatever the substance you are addicted to - alcohol, food, legal or illegal drugs, or a person - you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain.
Eckhart Tolle (via occult101)


My thing is, have sex whenever you decide to want to have sex. You want to have sex on the first night, go ahead. You want to have sex after 20 dates, go ahead. You want to never have sex, go ahead. People think that someone’s sexual choices actually coincide with their personality. If all you can think of someone’s worth is whether they want to have sex or not, then the problem is probably you.

Anonymous asked:
Do you like guys more or girls?


I’m physically very attracted to males, but mentally much more to women. Like, I easily develop lust toward men, but I haven’t got an interest in actually having something with them anymore. With women, I’m more drawn in mentally, and the physical attraction comes later.